Gold, Silver, Diamond Buyers

Helapuri is a certified gold, silver and diamond jewellery buyers. Prices for ornament offers based on the purity of precious metals and gives best market rate than anyone else like banks, pawn brokers and other financers. We buy all type of unused and second-hand diamond, gold & bars, gold coins, silver, silver coins, rings, chains, bangles and other jewelry; and offer immediate cash on your gold jewelry through cash payment, cheque or NEFT/RTGS transfer as per customer request.
Helapuri Gold Company is a best gold, silver, diamond and other precious metals buying company based out its head office in Nellore.

How to Check the Purity of Gold

The value of the gold is measured in Karat system with 24 point-scale is considered as highest value with 100% pure gold. Gold ornaments with 12 Karat considered as 50% pure and only gold bar and coin comes with 24 carat i.e. 100% purity. Rest of the ornaments manufacture in 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, etc carat and mixed with silver, copper or iron to make it strong, tighten and durable ornaments.
There are basically three ways to check the purity of gold before buying: acid test, electrical conductivity and XRF technology.
First, the acid test is one of simple way to test the purity of gold. The acid test kits typically come with multiple black touchstone and acid solutions. The expert gold tester starts to rub the black touchstone on gold which leaves a streak on the stone, and then it will make a parallel control streak using a piece of known gold which confirms the gold purity.
Second type, the gold jewelers use to identify the purity is electrical conductivity. Jewelers use this technology to get the quality and purity of gold using specific gel or liquid by creating a circuit between the device’s probe and gold.
Third test, the above two methods does not give more accurate purity of gold and chances of loss of gold also exist. So, the Helapuri uses the third method of gold purity checking before buying it because it not only gives more accurate purity of ornaments but there are also no chances of loss of gold during the checking process.
Helapuri Gold uses the XRF technology used German made purity checking machine which shows the 100% accurate results with no loss of gold. This machine sends radiation through gold which X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF) detects and reads to determine the quality and purity of ornaments.

Process to Buy the Gold and Silver Jewellery

The first step when a customer wants to sell the gold, silver, diamond or any other jewelry, just make a call on 9563 999 990 anywhere from Nellore, or directly visit of our Office, One of Helapuri customer representative will be waiting to speak to you and answer any queries you may have regarding selling or releasing pledged gold jewellery. In case, customer has to release the gold loan first then have to buy back, our Helapuri representative with valid ID card will contact you within half an hour anywhere in Nellore with required amount to release gold and in the end, we will buy the same gold after checking the purity of gold at our branch.

We would request you to be ready with following documents
  • Original ID proof and photocopy
  • Original address/residence proof and photocopy
  • One passport size photo