Payment Mode

The Process Of Evaluating your Gold Purity and making the Payment is as follows:

Fill up the form in full, which is mandatory and hand over all the address proof, ID proof and 1 photo.
Our branch in-charge will check the submitted documents and once the originality of documents verified from branch in-charge side, will receive the Ornaments for valuation.
Once the purity of jewelry checked, we will weigh the ornaments right in front of you, if any stone is embroider on jewelry will remove.
Customers has to give a written declaration of removing stones.
In extreme cases we may even melt the gold to get the exact purity of the metal.
Based on the purity percentage we will determine the gold value per gram and estimate the gross value of overall gold or silver.
You will be given an estimate showing the details of assessment. Once the customer gives the permission to sell ornaments after gross estimation, we will make the payment via cash, cheque, NEFT transaction as per customer’s choice.

We charge just 3.00% of the gross value as our fee to complete the transaction which is mentioned in the estimate.

Our Payment Methods

Payments to be made as per the Prevailing rules, Helapuri Gold Pvt Ltd releases payments in variety of methods including: Cash, IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, Cheque, etc.